The customers:

  • Our creative Studio was formed in 1998.

    The reason for reason was the rapid development in our country the approach of Petersburgers to the design of its interiors. Already ceased to be interesting and entertaining to furnish your home as they say in the old manner satisfied with little. People have become exquisitely, with special approach to think through every area of his life. Yes and to the great joy of proposals for finishing materials much became different from previous years.

    So for creative people having architectural education, it has become possible to fully exercise their creative ideas, making a special highlight and identity of the living space. The main motto of our band is "the Comfort, harmony and style!"

    Our designers are constantly improving their qualifications by attending various topics and direction seminars at leading companies. Having a large experience of cooperation with our partners we can confidently recommend them to our customers to help in the difficult choice of finishing materials, furniture, lighting and decorative elements, thus maintaining a basic conceptual idea.